Bunker Liner

Product details

1. Specification

Thickness Specification 
2-200mm 1200*2400mm
Custom size available on demand

2. Property of UHMWPE liner board
1. Excellent wear resistance
UHMWPE sheet were regarded the best wear resisting plastic all over the world,
The mortar abrasion index of UHMWPE sheet is only 1/5 of PA66,1/10 of HDPE & PVC.
1/7 of carbon steel ,1/27 of brass.
2. Excellent impact resistance
The impact resistance of UHMWPE sheet is 2times higher than PC, 5 times than ABS and
ten times than POM and PBTP,
3. Excellent self-lubrication
The self lubrication of uhmwpe sheet is 0.01-0.22,to be used as liner sheet,could greatly improve the operation efficiency and avoid material adhesion .
4. Chemical resistance
UHMWPE sheet could resist nearly all the chemical material,effectively protect the equipment and metal into corrosion and rusty
5. Lower density and excellent mechanical property
The density of UHMWPE lower than PTFE by 56%, could easy to carry and install
6. Lower cost
The price of UHWMPE is lower than other engineering plastic sheet, 50% lower than PTFE and PU sheet
7. Eco-friendly
UHMWPE sheet could be recycled and zero-pollution to environment 
3. Main application fields:
1. Coal bunker
2. Coal chute
3. Cylindrical mixer
4. Truck, bulldozer, ship
5. Ocean container
6. Other wear resistance fields
4. Products photos

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