Truck Liner Sheet

Product details

1. Specification
Thickness 2-200mm
Standard size  1000*2000mm;1200*2400mm
Custom size & Shape On demand 
2. Advantages
1: Excellent wear resistance: 6-7 times of ordinary carbon steel, suitable for making wear resistance machinery parts and liner sheet.
2. Impact resistance: 4-5 times of the ABS
3. Superior self-lubrication & promoting flow. Widely used as liner of coal bunker, chute, truck etc
4. Excellent chemical stability and corrosion resistance: Acid, Alkali, Salt resistance, applied in chemical field.
5. Non-toxic: in accordance with FDA/USDA standard
6. Excellent low temperature resistance: won't break in -180°c environment
3. Data sheet

Property Item Result
Physical property Denstiy 0.96-1.0g/cm3
Water absorption <0.01%
Chemical stability Excellent
Coefficient of friction 0.05-0.11
Mechanical property Shore hardness 60-80
Tensile strength 3-3.5 GPa
Impact resistance  Excellent
Thermal property Fire resistance  Excellent
Solftening point  107-200 JIS.K 7121
4. Product photos

5. Product Uses

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