Ground Protection Board

Product details

1. Specification

Thickness  10-150mm
Standard size  1000*3000mm,1220*2440mm etc 
Custom size/ shape on demand
UHMWPE material
2. Advantages
Ground protection mats are made by engineering plastic material-uhmwpe with excellence tensile strength, which used and connected on the ground, turf, bog, sand road and some construction field for heavy equipment, virtually eliminate the chance of equipment becoming stuck or causing rut damage.
Ground protection mats are an ideal solution to the expensive problem of repairing ground surface sorrepeatedly replacing expensive plywood sheets.
They easily support up to120 tons and can be linked together to build temporary road ways, walkways, work platform, sorparking areas.
3. Product photos

temporary road way.png


temporary road way2.png


  4. Product Uses




turf protectiong.png

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