Marine bumper panel

Product details

1. Specification:

Thickness Specification of UHMWPE marine bumper panel
10-200mm Max size 2000*4000mm,1500*7000mm;
Then process according to drawing within above size 
2. Main property of UHMWPE marine bumper panel
1. Excellent wear-resistance and impact-resistance, effectively reduce the clash and crash between ship and dock.
2. Excellent corrosion resisting, low water absorption, suitable to stay in sea water, longer service life than other material.
3. Excellent UV stable, its property won't change when these board stay outdoors for long time.
4. Different color available, could beautify the dock and match the color of surroundings.
5. Customized size and pattern, could meet the different need of each dock.
3. Product photos

We could also produce whole sets of marine fender as photos belows:

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