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Company Culture: Integrity, Dedication, and Reward employee;





Integrity is a basis for corporate survival. As the old saying goes, a man can not stand without integrity, a corporate can not live without integrity. Externally, we are self-discipline, self-police, open, fair for market competition, kept his promise to each one. Internally, we require employees to be honest in personal behavior, disloyal, hard work, results-oriented, not undeserved reputation;




Dedication, our employees work diligently and conscientiously, and dedicated to fulfill their duties, All is done from the overall situation for the development of company, and everyone seeks to do better and faster; In our company among departments, between the upper and lower levels ,We contribute for each other with hand in hand, and actively take the initiative to other sectors. with such a dedicated spirit, Shengtong Plastics will steadily go head in the competitive market;


Reward employee:

Shengtong never forget their selfless dedication in the course of several decades. we have always attached importance to staff training, organizing job training to upgrade their skills regular according to their quality and technical capacity so that they continue to progress. The ever-growing staff can improve the efficiency of company, at the same time, company can improve the employee grow,so the humanistic spirit is established as "I'm proud of the company, company are proud of me,"


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